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Beautiful space for yoga in the city center of Annecy. Created with my friend Krystal Hirt who teaches barre à terre.

Le Studio que j’ai créé à Annecy avec Krystal Hirt, enseignante de barre à terre.

All year long you can take virtual classes with me!

Retrouvez mes cours en ligne!

Yoga related links

My first teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, Michael is a yogi traveller, check where he is in the world and enjoy his beautiful adjustments!
Amazing organic cotton & bamboo
A wonderful ashram on the side of the Ganga, with the wonderful teachings of Mataji
Rolf & Marci great ashtanga teachers who teach in Goa from October to March
The official web site of Ashtanga Yoga
A wonderful school of Ashtanga in Mexico City
A very good school in Mexico City with different styles of Yoga
An other good direction for Yoga in Mexico City, wonderful Reiki teachings as well
Micheal Gannon web site, to learn the correct vinyasa and receive very good Ashtanga adjustments
One of the most beautiful centers in Paris, peaceful and Kerala style! There, I am teaching group class of Yin Yoga once a month there… Check out there web page to know when!

The web official web site of Yin Yoga. Very good source of information.
The traditional teaching of Vipassana meditation as tought by Goenka. 10 days silent retreat that will change your life. Centres all around the world.
The web site of my friend Ana, a wonderful teacher for ashtanga and kids yoga in Japan

Sadhana forest Ecological Living
Sadhana forest Ecological Living community in Auroville. Aiming at the reforestation of the tropical forest. Great place to work and learn
The NGO we created with my friend Karl to organize workshops in Paris and Annecy around yoga, wellness, better understandingabout how things work!

Beautiful teachers John and Lyan’s school in Oslo…. Each class works on donation!!! Beautiful beautiful!!! Must go!
Amazing sources of knowledge on Tibetan Buddhism by my teacher Geshe Michael Roach (and free !)
Ressources de savoir sur le Bouddhisme Tibétain par mon professeur Geshe Michael Roach (et gratuit en plus !)

Autres sites d’écoles que j’aime à Paris Paris 4ème, ambiance cosy et intimiste à côté de Bastille, grande salle lumineuse à côté de Port Royal, design et sympathique!

Autres professeurs de yoga sur annecy

Tifenn Decorps (Hatha Yoga & Yin Yoga) :
Valérie jagger (Kundalini & Yoga pour enfants)
Fiona Nodier (Power Yoga)
Kathy Misson (Anusara Inspired):

Partenaires sur Annecy, Hébergements à Annecy et aux alentours.