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Where do I teach currently?/ Lieux où j’enseigne actuellement!

Many of you contact to me to ask where do I teach? / Suite à de nombreuses demandes me demandant où j’enseigne actuellement…

Jour de Spa
17 rue Sommeiller, 2nd floor
Monday / Lundi
7pm Vinyasa Yoga
Tuesday / Mardi
6pm Ashtanga Yoga
7H15pm Yin Yoga
Thursday / Jeudi
6pm Vinyasa Yoga
7H15pm Yin Yoga
Salle Polyvalente
Wednesday / Mercredi
6H30pm Vinyasa Yoga
Inner City Yoga
3 rue de Rive
Wednesday/ Mercredi
12H30 Vinyasa Power Yoga
21 rue Saint Jacques
75005 Paris
Saturdays/ Samedi
5pm Yin Yoga
Next dates/ Prochaines dates: 12/11, 17/12, 28/01, 04/02, 10/03, 28/04, 26/05

14/15/16 Octobre à Annecy: Yin Yoga & Reiki

Yin Yoga & Reiki

au travers des 5 éléments de la Médecine Chinoise Traditionnelle

avec José et Jordi

Vendredi 14/10 18H30-21H30 METAL
Samedi 15/10 11-14H EAU
Samedi 15/10 15-18H BOIS
Dimanche 16/10 11-14H FEU
Dimanche 16/10 15-18H TERRE
Jose and Jordi offriront 5 ateliers, chacun dédié à un élément de la Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise et les organes, méridens et émotions liés.
Le Yin Yoga & le Reiki ensemble rééquilibre le corps, le mental et l’esprit, Ils libèrent des émotions et augmente la flexibilité.
L’action de chacune de ces pratiques se renforce mutellement par leur  coopération thérapeutique pour le bénéfice de notre physique, mental et nos émotions et augmente la vitalité tout en étant plus conscients de nos capacités personnelles.
Jour de Spa
17 rue Sommeiller (2nd étage)
74000 ANNECY

Tarifs : 45€ par atelier/ 180€ pour les 5
Renseignements & inscription:






Yoga retreat in the alps: learning to survive living in the wild!

Next retreat will be on the 9th/10th of October in the Saleve mountain, near Annecy.

2 days that might feel like weeks… We will get ride off all our worries, watches and other unuseful tools of our daily life in order to experience the wild life the Saleve.

As our ancestors that were living by picking the food directly into the nature we will learn how to recognize the edible plants. During the day we will eat raw , directly from Mother nature, and at night we will learn very simple ways to prepare the wild plants. Meditation and mild yoga practises will be tought so that this experience of going back to the origin could be lived to its full range.

Philippe Desmonet will be the guide for the plants, his a graduated mountain guide (AMM), and Cecile Roubaud (me!) will lead the meditation and yoga sessions.

If you wish to learn more about it go into the contact page!

I hope to have you with us in this very special experience…

Yin is in… Paris!

I have the great news to announce that the first regular class of YIN YOGA is starting in Paris this Saturday 10th of October in Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche (21 rue saint jacques 75005 PARIS).
Everyday Saturday 5-6h30pm in Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche

Come and join the Yin deep meditation Yoga journey…

Yin is In!!!

As we were starting the Yin Yoga teacher training Bernie Clark, invited us to take a look a the Yin/Yang symbol. Even within the dark yin side, there is a dot of white yang. Vice versa: within the white swirl is a black dot; within yang is always found yin.
How can this not be true in our Yoga practice ?
Day by day, morning time we would practise Yang (dynamic) Yoga and later during the day Yin (still)  Yoga. Within a week time I was feeling like having a new skin !
I could feel how the balanced practises was soothing me!
More than ever I come back from Canada with the strong belief that practising Yin Yoga is fundamental for us, especially if we are Ashtangis….
Connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, joins, etc.) are Yin tissues and must be worked in a Yin way not to be injured but also to get stronger and more flexible !
Remember : 47% of our flexibility come from there, 41% from our muscles (and this should be work out with a Yang yoga practise…). I can feel the benefits of opening on my already quite flexible body, some area are still to be explored for me!
So on physical level Yin Yoga is amazing for our joins, and can make us more flexible in areas than Yang Yoga can’t do ! On an energetical level, it does relieve blockages of energy within the meridians, especially the 6 lower meridians located in our legs. On the mind level it is a very meditative practise, bringing stillness in the « vrttis » (fluctuation) of our monkey mind…

As a conclusion, quoting Bernie « Yin is in ! »

New dynamic yoga classes in Annecy city centre!!!

Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga in Annecy.
Jour De Spa centre , 17 rue Sommeillers, 2nd level.
Call for booking:04 50 44 16 67



Thursday 18H30 Vinyasa 1/2

Friday       11H Ashtanga 1
                     18H Ashtanga 1/2

Saturday  16H Vinyasa 1 /2








1 : all level
½ : at least having practised some yoga or physical activities (swimming, skiing, trekking, etc…)

Acro Yoga in Paris do not miss it! 28-29 March 2009